• Joni

I Remember Well~

I remember well~

as I look into the eyes of my grandson.

I remember well~

Looking into the eyes of my adult children as

I see their little eyes, when they were his age.

I remember well.

Time flies

Things change

You can't stop it.

Tears fill my eyes

and I wonder why.

As the New Year approaches

we will all be a year older,

yet we see how fast time flies

in the life of a baby

as he changes right before your eyes

as a reminder

that we too are changing.

I think of

The Baby

in the manger~

One moment


is a baby

and then

He is on a cross.

What has happened in~between?

Do we forget that

He was a toddler and then a teen?

Do we forget that

He was a teen and then an adult?

Do we forget


He had a mother


an earthly father

who had to let

Him go


He could do what He was called to do.

Of course I think of the

mother's heart,

letting her Babe go,

as I think of my heart

as I let go of my babes

who are no longer babes

and haven't been for a while.

I remember when.

Tears fill my eyes

as I go back and think of

my mother and her mother

and her mother's mother

who had to let their children go.

Tears fill my eyes

as time ticks


as I


as you

grab onto those that we love so much

and as we let go of those that we love so much

so that they can let go of those that they love so much.

From the

Manger to the Cross

The Baby

grew up

so that

He could be the grown up

in our hearts

to walk with us

to talk with us

to be with us

when the tears come

in all shapes and forms.

So as we approach the

New year

take a moment to

Remember Well

the blessings in your life

because they are gifts from


as signs of

His Great Love

for you and for me

that never changes~

but changes us.


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