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Day 20: Be Still

On this quiet morning

I crawled out of bed

made my way downstairs,

and plugged in the

Christmas Tree,

to shine light into the darkness.

I now sit in the peace and calm of the early morning


and tears fill my eyes

as it is the stillness that makes me cry.





All can be felt when one is still~

"Be Still and Know." Psalm 46:10

Be still and know what?


God is God

and I am not.

Because of

The Baby

I am able to sit in

His stillness

and absorb all that

He is for me

and you can too

as you

Listen and Absorb

at this very moment ~

Who is this Baby Boy?

“Endless hope, relentless joy started with a Baby Boy”

It all started with

A Baby Boy.

Who is This Baby to you?

"See, the King is coming down And He's here without a crown The Baby Boy without a bed Giving life back to the dead And hear the angels shout it out As the people are coming down Unexpected majesty Alleluia, what a King"

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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