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Day 17: No Longer a "Hollow"-Day

The needles of the Christmas tree

are beginning to cover the floor.

The ornaments

are ready to fall off

of the now weakened branches.

The outside garland and bows

are beginning to droop

The shelves

at the store are emptying

as they make room for valentines day.

The Hallmark Christmas specials

are being replaced with football games


they are all~

Getting tired of Christmas.

Are you getting tired of Christmas as we are only days before the big day?

The pressure rising

to check everything off of the list


what if you don’t get everything done~

then what?

What if you don't buy the present?

What if you don't get the cookies baked?

What if you don't feel like falalalalal-ing this week~


you are tired of Christmas?

I am tired of Christmas.

I am tired of hearing the words

“I have so much to get done”

“What can I get for him or her”

“I only have ____ days left to shop”~

statements which

have the power to turn

Christmas into a


A day without

The Baby.

This morning I feel

hollow and am

questioning what is wrong with me

because I am not “feeling” like it is


as I am

trying to conjure up the feelings of


that childlike Christmas spirit

of great anticipation and great expectation ..

just waiting


Santa to come.

But as an adult,

just because I no longer wait for Santa to come,

does that mean I no longer have great anticipation and great expectation?

It all depends on where I am putting my hope~



in what

is not seen~

not in what present

I am going to buy or receive


whether I get everything done for the one big day.



is not in a day.


returns this morning

as I sweep up the needles on my floor

and look up at the star

that leads me to the sleeping


in the manger

Who is my


The One

Who takes the


out of my day,

out of every moment


this Christmas season.

I may be tired of the Christmas Season,

but that doesn’t mean I am tired of



The Baby

is who I am focused on.

The Baby

who has transformed this heart of mine

into the heart of a child~

A child

filled with great anticipation and expectation

because of all

The Baby

has for me


He is the


I have to open

today, tomorrow and the day after that.

The Baby

Who takes the hollow out of my every day.




when my heart is filled with

The Baby

who is my



He is the only

Gift of Christmas.

Are you tired of Christmas?

Is it a just a Hollow-Day?

"What is Christmas? If there never was a Savior wrapped in a manger. What is Christmas without Christ?"

The Chorus from this beautiful song,

"This is Christmas"


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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