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41st Day: Happy Father's Day

You made it through our

40 Day Journey


Putting On~

Gaining more of Him


Putting Off

what weighs you down...


this is just the beginning,

because on this

41st day

and the day after that

and the day after that...

What will you do with Jesus

with the One

who wants to walk with you

through all of your days?

We begin by celebrating

Our Father

Who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name Matthew 6:9

Our Father

Our Creator

Who created all of us~

every single person on this earth.



Put On


as we


Our Father Above

on this

Father's Day...


Happy Fathers Daddy, every day is your day~

So thank you for everything, is what I have to say.

I thank you for loving me, when I need it the most~

I thank you for humbling me, when I begin to boast.

I thank you for hugging me, when I am all by myself~

I thank you for healing me, back to good health.

I thank you for providing for my every need~

I thank you for your direction, when I ask you to lead.

I thank you for giving me peace, when anxiety is my friend~

I thank you for always being available, on you I depend.

I thank you for your comfort, when I am filled with tears~

I thank you for your presence, knowing you are always near.

I thank you for carrying my burdens, when they weigh me down,

I thank you for lifting me up, when I stumble to the ground.

My eyes fill with tears as I thank you for the best gift of all~

That I finally unwrapped, when I heard my name called.

You whispered, "I love you My child, come meet My Son~

Look up on that cross, & see what He has done.

He's the Ultimate present, that comes with a guarantee~

To Live Happily Ever After forever, was His message for me.

So I thank you , for this free gift from above,

Wrapped with Grace & Forgiveness, and your perfect Love.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy, daily I celebrate you~

Know that your little daughter, truly loves you too.

May your day be filled with peace, as you unwrap

Our Father's

precious gift of Love

on this

41st Day



What are your thoughts & prayers?

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