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Day 18: Walking on Eggshells

Walking on eggshells

Have you ever done it?

Has anyone ever done it around you?

Tip~toeing around


pretending that they are not there

to not make waves

to not ruffle feathers

to not stir the pot

Walking on eggshells

Just think about it~

Walking on eggshells



on something that is already broken

so it will

will make a crackling noise

no matter how hard you try.

What more damage can you do to something that is already broken?

You can't put the egg back together

You can't fix the someone

who is already broken~

but what if the someone is you?

What if God

Walked on eggshells

around you and me~

not wanting to

make waves

or ruffle our feathers

or to stir the pot,

pretending we are not there?

But He did...

He made great waves

He ruffled a lot of feathers

He stirred the pot

the moment

He came to earth

to walk it boldly

to make whole all that is broken~



and the ones who we are

Walking on eggshells


Walking on eggshells~

walking on something that is already broken.

I think Adam and Eve

invented it,

the moment that they were broken

after that first bite,



called out

"Where are you?" Genesis 3:9

instead of

Walking on eggshells

even though

they immediately

Walked on eggshells

in fear of



in their lack of

trusting the


who said

It is good Genesis 1

the moment He created them

the moment He created us.

Walking on eggshells~

Failing to trust the one who we are walking on eggshells around

because the relationship is based on




Walking on eggshells:

"To be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; to try very hard not to upset someone or something."

God failing to trust the ones whom

He loves~

to save themselves~


He sends


to be broken

so that I

so that you

don't have to

be broken.

So who are you walking on eggshells around?

Could it be God?

Fearful of

Doubtful of


Who He says He is

the moment


poured out

His grace

on the ones

who are

Walking on eggshells~

the me

the you

the everyone

who leave



in order to keep

Walking on eggshells.

So let's bring

our brokenness~

our shells~

to the

One Who


Walk on eggshells


Put On


"Bring your tired And bring your shame Bring your guilt And bring your pain Don’t you know that’s not your name You will always be much more to me"

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