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Day 12: It is all Up


A product of choices~

your choices and mine.

How simple it is to make the right choice

But oh

How simple it is to make the wrong choice.

A path filled with little compromises away from the truth

ending up in one big mess.

One moment you are skipping down life's path

and then the next moment you are splat on the ground.

Where did I go wrong?

What happened?

What is this mess in front of me?

Have you been there, done this or that, and wishing you haven't?

As you trace your steps backwards,

it all starts to add up.

One little compromise

opening the door

to another little compromise and then to another~

One step at a time.

Now what?

When all looks bleak and dismal,

when all hope is gone

when all you feel is helpless

there is only one way to look

and that is


Up into the eyes of the One Who has created you.

Up into the heart of the One Who wants to heal you.

Up onto the cross of the One Who wants to forgive you.

Up into the One who will lift you Up


No matter how down you may feel,


How down you have gone

It is never to late to look



God is always waiting to lift you


back into

His presence


He just wants to pour out

His unconditional love on you.



so He can come down into your heart

to do what He does best~

to heal the brokenhearted Luke4:18

to bandage wounds Hosea 6:1

to restore I Peter 5:10

to make all things new Revelation 21:5

to redeem Ephesians 1:7

to remove shame and guilt Romans 4:7-8

to not condemn John 3:17;Romans 8:1

to make crooked paths straight Isaiah 45:2

to turn impossible into possible Luke 1:37

No matter

what you may be feeling,

or what you have done




into Him

Who is

anxiously waiting to transform your heart

by filling it with

His peace that transcends all understanding Philippians 4:7

so that

you are able to enjoy this very moment with Him

& the next moment

& the next & the next….


You are

Never Too Far Gone...

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to

His power that is at work within us

Ephesians 3:20

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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