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Day 27: Blasted Past

This weekend I have been experiencing


Blast from the past

as I have traveled back to

Purdue University

where I first stepped

33 years ago as


New Bride


New Graduate Student




New Mom...

God's Greater Plan that I couldn't have ever imagined.


Blast from the past

As I run through the campus today

as a very grown women, no longer 22,

I think about~

who was that little girl

who thought she knew God~


God Who

took control of her life

without her even realizing it...

As she is now in the present

looking up to


God Who she now knows

Who followed her to

every new state

He then moved her to,

Growing her family

Coming into their lives.

Who was that little girl?

She is

this woman

Who cant stop looking up


He had a plan

that was beyond what her eyes could see~

Who was always there

even when she wasn't looking


she was blind

and now she sees.


Blast from the past

that opened up my eyes to

His greatness because He knew

the day I would say "I do" to my precious husband

the day I would first step on this campus

the day I would become a mom..

to the one who is now a new mom.


Blast from the past

Filled with blessings.

What Blast from the past do you need to look back to,

to be reminded of how great God's love is for you?

But what about those

Blasts from the past

that don't carry the weight of blessings


the weight of loneliness, sadness and pain,

every time the little child in us

goes back?

There are some things that linger from my past,

that when the little girl in me looks back

continues to add weight

as she holds onto to them...

But when she fasts from them


placing them into His hands

He then

Works for good

All things

Into good


He was there

He is here


He will always be...

for this little girl


for your little child inside,



continues to write your beautiful story.


when you look back with Jesus

you will see how all the pieces fit together so perfectly


God is always weaving together your past into your perfect present.

What part of your past

needs a blast a love from the One Who heals the brokenhearted?

Today is Sunday,

when you get to choose what you want to fast from


What blast from the past

do you need to fast from that still causes pain when you look back?

Let God blast from you

that part of the past

that keeps weighing you down


Looking up to the One

who sees beyond what you can't see


you can

move forward to live the abundant life that He came to give


Enjoy the

Miracle of the Moment

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