• Joni


Lent begins today.

As a child I dreaded when Lent began

because that meant that I had to give up something that I loved to eat.


But I changed the rules and instead gave up something that I didn't like...


Now that was easy, as I hated liver and it was never a choice at dinner,

so I was going to have a great Lent.

But who was I really fooling?


Oh how we play games with ourselves thinking that we are manipulating our way out of something, when we are only manipulating ourselves.

Lent, the 40 Day Journey to Easter...

when you then get to eat all the candy you want.

It is finished.

It is finished,

a 40 Day fast from something you love,

but then you get to indulge in it on Easter morning .

Now that never made sense to me, because I really never understood what was actually finished.

Three little words...three very powerful words.


Those words that complete a project.

Those words we love to say, when we have come to the end of a task,

a job, a trial....anything.

The End. It's over.