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I Got Strings...

I have no strings...

If you have no strings

Who are you listening to?

"I got no strings to hold me down"

No strings~

And we know what happened to Pinocchio...

he ended up in the mouth of a whale.

No strings~

Just doing it his way.

Pinocchio, a wooden puppet,

Now, no strings attached...

He leaves home,

like the prodigal son,

and gets in trouble doing life on his own.

He ends up in the belly of a whale,

just like Jonah.

Just because he doesn't have strings he thinks he is free,

yet he is still wooden.

I think that is like us.

Because of God's grace

He lets us go

He lets us do it our way

Because with God there are no strings attached.

He tells us Who He is and Who we are in Him

He tells us How to live the abundant life

He tells us what to do in order to be filled with peace

He tells us,

but with no strings attached


It is all free

It is quite simple


if we have no strings we can end up in the belly of a whale.

We need strings.

We need connection..

But to...


To Him who has the power to transform us from old to new.

BUT as long as we live on this earth we can't do it alone.

We are like puppets,

but not made of wood.

We are a new creation.

We have a brain. we make choices. we have free will.

To activate the strings, we have to be in communion with God.

We ask

He responds

and we listen to Him

and He directs our paths.

We need strings

Because we can't do it alone.

Just because God has a no strings attached clause,

doesn't mean that I don't want strings.

I need strings.

I need to be attached

To Him

Because I need strings to hold me down

To keep me close to Him

So He is close to Me.

Being a puppet is freeing when God is the one holding the strings.

So What strings are holding you down?

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight."

Proverbs 3:5-6

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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