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Powerfully Powerless

It came.

It got me.

It took over.

The flu.

It snuck into my life

And took over.

It has me on day three

Forcing me to

Be still!

It will go away,

but for now I submit to its power and wait.

Hmm...sounds familiar.

He came.

He got me.

He took over my life.

But have I submitted to Him like I have submitted to the flu?

Great question,

yet I don't like my answer.

As I don't always submit to His power...

As I don't always be still and let Him take over...

Yet I will submit to something that makes me feel so horrible...

All because it appears to have more power.

Hmm...crazy but true. I pour my 10000th cup of hot tea and get back on my couch,

waiting for this intruder to leave my home,

I will


In the stillness...

But to the One Who is more powerful than this pesky flu.

I will submit to Him...

because there is nothing else I can do.

I will rest in Him...

because that is only way I get stronger.

So...I ask you...

What appears to be bigger and stronger in your life today that is

making you submit to it's power?

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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