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Needle in a Haystack

Would you take the time to look for a needle in a haystack?

You know it is there, but what a daunting task.

I wouldn’t.

It just isn’t worth my time and energy.

I am like that with Jesus.

I know He is there, but because it seems like too much work to find Him I give up...

And just stare at the hay as it continues to pile up.

Find Him?

I play hide and seek with Jesus....

like He is actually hiding from me,

just because I may not feel Him or see Him.

But while I am playing

He is right beside me waiting for me to just acknowledge that He is there.

But oh how He gets buried beneath the hay of my day...

Slowly it happens, one piece of hay at a time, and before you know it..

Where is the needle?

Can you relate?

You see the hay, and could name every piece.

But what about the needle.

Just because you can’t see the needle doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

It hasn't moved .

He hasn't moved.

Jesus is the needle.

He is there.

He is here.

In the midst of our hay piles.

What is some of the hay in your life that is hiding the needle?

Do you spend your time striving to remove the hay to get to the needle...

Or do you just believe the needle is there, empowering you to move beyond the haystack?

Just believe.

The simple message I keep receiving.

Just believe.

And when I do..

The hay is gone.

I may still see it,

And I may even add more hay to it...

But then God reminds me to fix my eyes on the Needle that He promises that is there.

And wow...He is all I see.

And I win the game of hide and seek every time because

He found me in the midst of the haystack.


Just because you can't see Him doesn't' mean He isn't there.

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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