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All I Wanted for Christmas Was...

"All I want for Christmas is My Two front Teeth"

HMM…Did you ever wonder if he got those 2 front teeth and

if it was "all" he really wanted?

All that I want for Christmas was…

What was your “was” and did you get it?

All I wanted for Christmas was the answer to

“Who is This Baby”

And God delivered Him into my heart.

I set out on a journey to answer the question

Who is This Baby?

And I found Him.

I found Him in a deeper way than I could have ever imagined.

I found more than a baby lying in a manger and angels harking above.

I found more than nicely wrapped gifts under the tree…

I found a Baby…who I picked up and just looked into His eyes..

And found..

A greater HOPE

A more peaceful PEACE..

And a LOVE that transcends all other loves…

A Baby…

But what now…

What has happened to the Baby?

Is He packed up in a box for next Christmas?

Is He gone until the Easter season comes and He is full grown getting ready to get on a cross?

What has happened to The Baby in your life?

Where is your focus now that Christmas is finished and winter has come?

Well, that is the question that I am asking myself.

Now what...

as the let down has entered and

I miss my Christmas tree lights in the wee hours of the morning.

But nothing has changed…

just my focus.

Yes, The Baby has grown up.

Jesus is more than Christmas and Easter,

just as you are more than your birth and your death.

What about the dash in-between?

What about Jesus’ dash, from the manger to the cross?

Let’s get our winter coats on, and put an extra log on the fire and

fix our eyes

on The Baby

Who grew up to become

The Man


desires to walk with you through every day life.

Why wait for March 1 when Lent begins in preparation for Easter Day on April 15?

So come…and let’s walk with the man through every day life…

And Answer the question…

Who is The Man Who wants to walk with me?

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