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Day Eighteen: Empty Manger

Did you know that Jesus didn’t remain a Baby?

Silly question, but think about it...

Baby Jesus, born on a Silent Night, did not remain in a manger…


This Baby grew up, just like me and you...

and became

A toddler..

A teen..

A man…

and took it one step further...

This Little Boy Jesus grew up to be a King!

Baby Jesus did grow up...

But oh how I have kept Him as a Baby in my life

when I left Him in the manger....


the moment I moved the Baby from the manager to my heart

I grew up…


This Man became my Savior who saved me from myself.

This Man is my Wound Healer, who has patched up the holes in my heart.

This Man is my burden carrier, who tells me to "Come" when I am weary so that He will be my rest.

This Man is who I come to follow, to learn how to walk .

This Man is my Teacher, who teaches me when I sit at His feet.

This Man is my Significance, when I feel so insignificant.

This Man is my Acceptance, when rejection comes from the world.

This Man is my Redeemer, Who has redeemed all the years the locusts have eaten.

This Man is the Way…when I wander off the path.

This Man is the Truth, when I am being feed lies.

This Man is where I abide, so I produce healthy fruit.

This Man is my Peace, when I am in a fit of anxiety.

This Man is my Life….today, tomorrow, and forever.

This Man is Jesus, Who just loves me as I am, because of who He is.

This Man is my King…who is standing right here with me.

The power of The Baby, the moment I moved Him from the manger to my heart!

How do you keep The Baby in the manager?

May you experience…

The power of The Little Baby...

EVERY day, EVERY season in your life…whether it is a winter, a spring, a summer or a fall.

The power

that breathes life into EVERY emotion, EVERY circumstance, EVERY relationship...

When you move the Baby from the manger to your heart.

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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