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Day Three: Loved at First Sight

A Baby needs..

to be held..

to be fed...

to sleep...

to be loved..

Basic needs...yet when left unmet the baby will continue to cry....

Our needs…

to be held..

to be fed..

to sleep..

to be loved...

Basic needs, yet when left unmet we will continue to cry....

"For God so loved the world that He sent His son..." (John 3:16),

as a Baby,

Who was born with the same simple needs as all of us,

So that This Baby could



Give rest..



So that all your simple needs are met...


The first gift of Christmas wrapped in swaddling clothes...

“The first gift of Christmas was love. A parent's love. Pure as the first snows of Christmas.

For God so loved His children that He sent His son, that someday we might return to Him.”

(Richard Paul Evans, The Christmas Box)

This love is yours...

That came swaddled with a hope and a peace that cradles you with love..

What are you needy for today?

Have you asked The Baby?


  • I am needy for him to help me think differently. I need to trust in him fully and let go. I'm still trying to learn to do that.


  • As always - I am needy for Jesus -- I cannot live this life alone. So many things coming at me - my children going through struggles - I leave them at the feet of Jesus and pray for His protection and for His best not mine. I praise Him and thank Him for never leaving me. Every day and many times during the course of the day I need to look to Him not my will but yours Lord. Love - a reminder to all of us to show love to everyone we meet - may Jesus light shine in us!

  • Sharon

  • "Leave them at the feet of Jesus"....As I look at my Christmas Tree and see the emptiness underneath it, I picture beautifully wrapped gifts with Jesus on the tag. Gifts that are filled with my anxieties, my wants, my needs...and me. As our burdens become gifts when presented to Jesus. What a peace comes upon my soul as I give "my" gifts to Jesus, knowing that they are in the right hands. Thanks for sharing Sharon.


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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