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Day Eight: Happy "Birth" Day

Today is my daughter’s birthday.

I smile as my eyes fill with tears, remembering the day she was born.

The day that God chose for her to come into this world.

I remember looking into her eyes, with the same expression that I had when

I looked into the eyes of my 32 and 30 year old precious children's eyes on the day of their births....

in wonder, and with such amazement that it warmed my heart in an unexplainable way.

And that warmth grows every day that they continue to grow...

Every day, I celebrate their births.

As we all are preparing for Christmas day, to celebrate the Birth of our King,

I think about His Birth-Day.

The day that He was born to Mary....a humble little girl.

I wonder what happened to her heart that day when she looked into her precious baby’s eyes.

I can’t even imagine. I bet her heart was on fire. I bet she was a wee bit wondering....

"Why me? Why would God chose me to give such a gift?”

I have asked that question myself...

“Why me, Lord. Why would you give me…

after all that I have done and after all that I continue to do such a gift…

Your Precious Son?”

And God answers...

"Just because I love you.”

So simple, yet so hard to ingest.


Wow...Just because He loves me.

Just because He loves you.

I think of the words from the chorus of the song,

"Who AM I”...

"Not because of Who I am. But because of what you’ve done.

Not because of What I’ve done. But because of Who you are."

It isn't about me. It isn’t about you.

It really is about Him.

God...wanting to hand us all His gift of love, all wrapped up in His infant Son, born 2016 years ago.

So when I look into the eyes of Jesus....

my eyes fill with tears and my heart gets warm...

as I experience

His forgiveness,

His love,

His grace...

and remember how He has changed this heart of mine, and continues to do so.....

Just because....

May you daily unwrap This Precious Baby, given to you from your “Daddy” above...

Today...and the day after...and the day after that...

Because it isn't about the Day Jesus was born, it is about Jesus being born into your heart.

It is about right now...

So you can experience all His promises wrapped up in the swaddling cloth....

the most expensive gift that you will ever get....

His Peace, Joy, Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Hope...


He Loves You!

He was wrapped up in the He could wrap it on you.

“Thanks be to God for this INDESCRIBLEABLE GIFT”

2 Corinthians 9:15

Have you ever hesitated to approach God because of something you said, or shouldn’t have said…or something you have done or should’t have done?

Are you able to approach the manger with confidence just because

He loves you?

So Happy Birthday my precious daughter.


Happy "Birth" Day to you, every day, as you daily enjoy all who the Baby IS.

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