• Joni

Day Five: What are you waiting for?

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We wait for the arrival of our first born’s baby, who is awaiting the birth of her first born.

Tears fill my eyes as my heart explodes with such joy, as I think about this blessed gift that will soon make his/her first cry, that will change all our lives forever.

We wait… with anticipation and great joy!

Aren't we all waiting for something or someone?

What are you waiting for?

Did you know your wait stops now, because whatever you are waiting for is found under

the swaddling cloths that clothed the Baby that the world waited for?

When Jesus was born...there was a desperate need for a helpless, hopeless world....due to the ole sin nature inside all of the people back then....just like us. Sin that God can’t look upon. Sin that separates us from God.

It was at that time when the external sacrificial practices to atone for sin,

had NO POWER to change the HEARTS of man.

I feel God threw up his hands, and said to Jesus....

"Go down there my boy. They just don’t get it. They just can’t get it right. It is time to help them once and for all. "

SO This Baby became

The better way,

The only way.....