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Who is this Baby?

Who is this Baby that continues to impact your life

beyond December 25?

Come and experience the transforming power

of The Baby through this Advent Season,

as we embark on 24 day journey

beginning December 1!

Watch and Listen to "A Baby Changes Everything".

In what area of your life are you seeking a change?

Please leave your comments below.

  • First of all thank you for such a beautiful devotion. Wow! I am so humbled and reminded that Jesus should be our first love - we should wake each morning and the first thing we do is spend special time with Him. I seek change to have more time with Him each day and not be distracted by the world.


  • I love the power of the word, FIRST... First love...first thing ... Because He loved us first, wouldn't it be great if we could always give Him our firsts by putting Him first.


  • I pray for a deeper faith - not just head knowledge, but thru my whole being!

  • Jackie Burgess

  • And He is so faithful to give us what we ask when it is His will. His will is to have a deeper faith...but at times in order to grow that faith He make us take us on a journey where we don't see, or feel any hope...and our faith is non existent. I don't like those times, but when you come out of them, with a deeper faith, it is always worth it. Putting into practice what we have learned (Phil. 4) during those times is what takes our head knowledge to our heart.


  • I do want to be transformed more and more into His image but I need help in letting go of distractions, "fixing my eyes upon JESUS the author and perfecter of my faith", letting go of trying to be in control and trusting Him with my life and those I love.


  • Distracted, my middle name...and we can add control to it too...Whenever I focus on trying not to be distracted, or not to be control I just become more distracted and more out of control. As you said, it is only on fixing our eyes on Jesus...and I have to remember to fix them off everything else.


  • So beautiful. I would like to strengthen my faith and take the time everyday to connect with him 🙏🏻

Dyane Shanahan

  • A baby changes EVERYTHING. Love this-Seeking to amplify my daily expressions of faith.

Sarah C

  • Seeking better prayer time, greater peace, lifting financial burden.


  • That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. God knows I need to spend more time with a change in my daily priorities. And hopefully that time at His feet will lead to wisdom and discernment... for a change in my finances.

Katie Kenney

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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