• Joni

Waitless: Flying Free

Oh what we can learn from the eagle, or should I say the eaglet....

A precious little eaglet sits in her nest, all comfy and cozy, having all her needs tended to. But then, the mommy eagle begins taking out the comfy cozy padding in the nest, piece by piece. The nest begins to become uncomfortable. The little eaglet is bewildered, and then becomes terrified, as now her mommy has brought her to the edge of the nest. Her mommy is getting ready to kick her out.

“What”, gasps the eaglet. “You are going to do what?

There is a pretty steep drop from this nest to the ground?”

The mommy responds, reminding her little eaglet that she was given wings to fly.

“Where’s Daddy? I have to talk to Dad about this.” cries the eaglet.

“Look up”, responds her mommy.

And up in the beautiful blue sky the