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Come see what The God Of Breakthroughs has done! FEW International publications is happy to bring you more than just another collection of tales. These are powerful women’s stories of breakthrough. Break through to a higher calling, a life transformation, or a new life free from struggle. Not only will readers experience true testimonies of impactful breakthroughs from seventeen women, ten of whom are #1 Bestselling authors, but these stories – about careers, families, personal identity, and overcoming struggles ranging from violent attacks, to the loss of loved ones – will provide insights for achieving your own desired breakthroughs. In a valuable teaching on The Breakthrough FormulaTM peppered between these provocative tales, learn about faith, truth, personal responsibility, proper tools, and solid support to get you through the life-changing breakthrough your spirit needs! Inspirational – Motivational - Transformational. From authors including: Kimberly Joy Krueger, Reji Laberje, Maria Notch, Joni Jones, Heather Taylor, Amy Sikkema, Julissa Moreno, Traci Weldie, Lisa Murphy, Jennifer Buchholz, Brenda Weber, Jacqueline Jaske, Victoria Dreckman, Kristina Ward, Luanne Nelson, Danelle Skinner, and Angela Riemer.


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