• Joni

Uncluttered Cluttered Mind

My brain is like a lint brush.

It sees a little speck & grabs it, & then the next speck

& before you know it is filled with so may specks

that it is hard to even think straight.

My cluttered brain. My precious cluttered brain that I have learned to laugh about

as it continues to be filled without my even trying.

So I blow out the memory on computers.

So I have a gazillion files as I prepare for an upcoming conference.

So I use it for good when it could be so used for not so good.

I could get mad it at, when I am trying to sleep as it won't stop.

Yet I pray through scriptures.

I could get mad at it when I am trying to edit my writings.

Yet I have to TRUST GOD in the moment as HE edits for me.

I could get mad it at, when 10000000s of ideas just pop up about one little thing.

Yet I have to laugh or I would drive myself nutty.

GOD created me. GOD created you.

So unique with our strengths, yet at times they are what become one of our weaknesses.

I am sensitive, so compassion for others is a strength.

I am sensitive, so one wrong look my way makes me crumble.