Is Bitter Better?

"A certain tenant farmer had worked hard for many years

to improve the production of the land he leased.

Then something happened that caused him to become very bitter.

When it was time to renew his lease,

the owner told him he was going to sell the farm to his son who was getting married.

The tenant made several generous offers to buy it himself,

hoping the man's decision would be reversed,

but his pleading got nowhere.

As the day drew near for the farmer to vacate his home,

his weeks of angry brooding finally got the best of him.

He gathered seeds

from some of the most pesky and noxious weeds he could find.

Then he spent many hours scattering them on the clean, fertile soil of the farm,

along with a lot of trash and rocks he had collected.

To his dismay,

the very next morning the owner informed him

that plans for his son's wedding had fallen through,

and therefore he would be happy to renew the lease.

He couldn't understand why the farmer exclaimed in agonizing tones,

'Oh, LORD, what a fool I've been!'" (biblecenter.com)

Is Bitter Better?


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