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Pay It Forward

My husband & I had the opportunity

to see REAL people


as they filed into the store

to purchase a sub sandwich

so that the moment they paid the bill

the money didn't stay in the store

as it went to a charity

as it went to help REAL people

from all over the country.

To experience REAL hearts

want to

do something MORE

for someone else

besides themselves.

And to talk with one of the charities

was a GOD appointment like no other.

As her heart was on fire

as her mission and purpose

is to Wipe Out Kids Cancer.

Her story is a REAL story

as she has experienced more than one case of cancer in her life

BUT she did something about it

and hasn't stopped.

And another beautiful REAL woman

is doing the same.

Two woman

who can only be


and I was so blessed

to be in their presence


JESUS is in their presence.

Oh the power of one giving heart

goes a long way

even beyond the last bite of a sub sandwich.

It reminds me of the LOVE of JESUS

as HE is here

in so many hearts

as HIS LOVE goes beyond

every hardship

every trial

and every cancer

because HE has WIPED out every

nasty thing on this earth

forever & ever & ever

even if everyone doesn't BELIEVE HIM.

How can you not?

Why would you not?

Why wouldn't you take your HEART to a place


that bled on the cross?

I am dumbfounded

at the outpouring of REAL people who care

at the outpouring of REAL people who spend their life

caring for so many

who are suffering

and want to stand up with them

so they are not alone

in the hardships

in the trials

in the cancer

in the ______.

Thank you all

who are so REAL

who keep paying it forward the LOVE OF JESUS

that never stops GIVING




What are your thoughts & prayers?

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