• Joni

Morning Breakthrough

It is a silent morning as I wait on GOD.

HE is right here, yet HE is silent.

I want to hear something

as I don't like silence

because silence is a vulnerable place

where it is just GOD & I.

What if I could see GOD sitting next to me

and see JESUS sitting on the other side of me.

I see them reclining back

in perfect PEACE

and laughing to one another

with such JOY

that makes me embrace the silence.

I don't have to say anything

as just their presence sandwiches me with

PERFECT PEACE that has no words because it transcends all understanding.

I don't want to leave this PLACE OF SILENCE

as it feels so safe

even though I can't see them.

I TRUST that they are here

because TRUST believes in the unseen