• Joni

God Shows Up

It happened again~

without my knowing.

I was in the right place at the right time

even though I didn't know I was~

at "my" coffee place.

I poured out my heart to the barista, my friend,

telling her that GOD was going to do something dynamic.

I shared with her what just happened to me,

and how I knew GOD was going to do

something dynamic in my heart~

yet I had to wait for HIM, because no matter how hard I try I can't do what only GOD can do.

Oh how she listened with her eyes.

I knew GOD was stretching me.

I knew GOD was taking me deeper into my faith

I knew GOD was going to blow my socks off~

but in that moment I still wondered if HE was going to do what HE PROMISES.

Oh the loneliness of deep hurt

So I sat back at my computer, and prayed and began typing out HIS PROMISES.

No power in the typing.

So I read more scriptures.

No power in the reading.

So I wrote GOD a letter pouring out my heart.

No power in the pouring out~

So I thought.

As I still wrestled with the emptiness that I was waiting for GOD to fill~

HE happened.

A blessing for me. A blessing for her.

The DYNAMIC that I TRUSTED was going to happen,

even though I didn't know when,

yet I knew GOD was doing something

because GOD is always doing something

and sometimes we just have to show up

and acknowledge that HE is there

in the silence

in the darkness

in the frustration

in the anger

in the hurt

in the ___________.~

Because GOD is always HERE

GOD is always THERE


even when

we can't feel HIM

in the silence

in the darkness

in the frustration

in the anger

in the hurt

in the _________.

You and I can't force GOD to show up in the way we want HIM to when we want HIM to.

If we could, wouldn't we be GOD?

I can't explain it, yet I can name what happened~


HE is who HE says HE is.

HE always keeps HIS PROMISES.

HE always shows up in HIS TIMING

which ends up being the best timing of all


then it becomes all about HIM and not about me & not about you.

I forgot the hurt I was in when I entered "my" coffee house

because by the time I left

I was a different person~

just because GOD showed up in the wait with me

because I showed up to be with HIM.

"I'm standing at your door MY heart is calling yours Come fall into MY arms"

(from the song "DANCING ON THE WAVES", listen to the song below)


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