• Joni

Empowered 2021

When will THIS BE OVER

has been on everyone’s hearts & minds. Will IT be over after the clock strikes 12 when we enter into 2021?

Will we all be back in Kansas living the life we were all living before our lives became infected? What POWER does a number have? Nothing! What matters is this moment now.

What if 2020 is here to stay? What if nothing was to change in the world & in your life? Would you BELIEVE

that you can have so much more in this very minute

because OF THE GOD

who holds the ultimate POWER~

the POWER that raised JESUS from the dead.

This POWER that will RAISE you & I above whatever happened in 2020

that has stolen any of your joy, hope, & peace. Oh I am not minimizing any of your pain

as the pains of life continue as long as we all have a beating heart. As 2020 has been a rollercoaster in my life,

and I don'