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Day 9: Live Today

I Won’t Grow up UNTIL...

I remember a dream I had, that seemed so bizarre at the time,

yet in the bizarre was GOD speaking to my heart. I wrote about in my book,

and I thought I share it with you,

as it was a great reminder for me and for you to


wherever GOD has you,

instead of WAITING for where you want to be.

For GOD is your STORY CHANGER in the here and now,

even if you feel like you are stuck on the same page.


I had dream, the other night, as the song from Peter Pan,

“I Won’t Grow Up” kept playing.

The next day, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I just knew that there had to be a message in it,

because it was so bizarre for that song to be in my dream.

I felt GOD wanted to tell me something.

Peter Pan is described as the boy who wouldn’t grow up.

I have been holding on to some parts of my past

that were causing me to stay as a child.

I didn’t want to grow up UNTIL

certain things from the past and present were changed.

This was so true of the bulimic years,

because I kept waiting for UNTIL,

before I would stop the behavior.

The past will never change.

I was fighting a losing battle.

Fighting a fight that I could never win creates

a bitter, angry, unpeaceful child.

I was still living as child “stuck” in those destructive patterns,



UNTIL I lose weight,

UNTIL I make more money,

UNTIL she/he changes,

UNTIL I hear the words I love you or I am sorry,

UNTIL I figure it all out,

UNTIL I don’t hurt anymore....

I felt like a pauper walking around

begging for someone to fill the empty spot in my HEART,

a spot that I didn’t surrender to JESUS.

JESUS wants us to live our life despite the UNTILS.

Some will come, some won’t.

I get older year after year,

waiting for the day that “I can grow up”.

As long as I hold on to the past,

I could be an 80 year old child,

still waiting.

When JESUS came into my life,

HE gave me a new life,

a new past.

My past is HIS.

HE has redeemed it.

HE is the UNTIL.

It wasn’t UNTIL JESUS came into my life

that I was able to fully grow up.

JESUS became enough for me.

Just as Wendy couldn’t fly until she believed,

I couldn’t fly until I BELIEVED.

What are some of the UNTILS in your life

that are keeping you stuck on the same page of your STORY?

What are you WAITING for,

UNTIL you can really


Life is about right now.

Focusing on the fears of the future,

the pain of the present,

or the end result,

robs you of today’s JOYS.

UNTIL GOD'S LOVE becomes enough,

in the here and now~

no matter how you are feeling,

no matter what you desire~

HIS LOVE is enough for you to live your life despite



“...learned to be content in all circumstances” (Philippians 4: 12). Contentment doesn’t mean being satisfied with the end result.

It means being okay with where you are today,

where you were yesterday, not worrying about tomorrow,

but content in knowing that whatever happens is okay

because it is part of GOD'S plan.


You can live today


PATIENT in affliction and

FAITHFUL in prayer"

(Romans 12:12),

because of the strength

that you receive through


It is really about GOD'S plan,

not yours.

It is about GOD'S timeline, not yours.

HIS plan looks different than yours

Don’t wait UNTIL you “arrive” to be JOYFUL.

Fly high today while reaching for the prize found


(excerpt from "Weightless Flying Free").

so you will

live beyond the UNTILS



(listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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