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Day 8: A Gooood Morning

You do it every morning,

even if you don't feel like it

because you know you need to do it every morning~

Brush your teeth!

And you know when you don't do it

and others know when you don't do it

if you don't

Brush your teeth.

You also want to do it every morning

as soon as the sun wakes you up,

but you wait for the perfect time

as you begin your day.

You know you never did it

and others know you never did it

because there is something missing

as you feel the effects

and others experience the vibe from you

because you didn't do it

when you know you need to do it,

but you think you can get by

and do it later.

And there HE IS.

HE sees you.

And HE patiently WAITS.

HE is so eager for you to see HIM

because HE has so much to say to you

and HE has so much to give you


because HE is so gracious

and has given you free will

HE lets you do what you are doing

even though HE so wants to get your attention.

But HE knows that you know

and for some reason you are ignoring HIM

because you know HE will always be there

and you will meet up with HIM

when the time is right~

but for right now

now isn't the time.

So instead you go through your day

giving your time to

anxiety, worry, despair

and then frustration and bitterness is invited to the party.

You are wondering why your day is getting harder,

yet you have no time to stop

even though you are gently nudged

as you hear the soft reminder


Oh you know,

but right now

STILLNESS has to wait

because you have too much to do.

But the gift of


still waits

& waits & waits

until you

get ready for bed,

as you do what you did the first thing

that you did when you woke up


brush your teeth

and then go into your bed

with your friends

anxiety, worry, despair

and make room for frustration and bitterness.

You then close your eyes

wondering why you can't sleep.

And then you hear the words again


and there HE IS.

HE STILL wants to be with you

because HE always wants to be with you

and is always available.

So you look up

and everything changes

as STILLNESS fills your soul


GOD was waiting

for you

to just look up~

and before you know you it

anxiety, worry, despair,

frustration & bitterness

are replaced


a PEACE that you can't explain

a HOPE that is like a wide open field of daisies

a JOY that is way better than just happy


you experience

a LOVE that never ceases

that waits & waits & waits

to envelope you

that is so

patient & kind & gentle

that asks no questions

because it is so filled with


that gently rocks you to sleep

because you took the time

that only took a moment to

look up

to the ONE

who is always waiting

just to be STILL with you.

So you buy a new toothbrush


GOD'S NAME written on it

so the next morning

when you wake up to

do what you do every morning

and go to do it

you let out a chuckle

as you pick up your toothbrush

and there is the gentle reminder


and you KNOW

and you take time right then and there



and do it NOW

and look up

because you

KNOW that being STILL with HIM is only way to have a

"GOOD MORNING" that will seep into your whole day.


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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