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Day 5: You Matter

What if I never answered the KNOCK on the door of my heart?

What if I put up a "DO NOT ENTER" sign?

Oh it breaks my heart to even think about it.

When GOD comes calling HE sends HIS SON to do the knocking

and you think you may be able to ignore HIM,

but oh HE won't stop knocking until you let HIM in.

JESUS never KNOCKS where HE doesn't want to go.

If GOD purposely created you & me & everyone else

don't you see how simple this all is~

that HE wants you & me & everyone else.

And I wonder at times

how HE can be so personal that HE CHOSE me to COME to HIM.

Me, the me that I know way too well,

but HE knows me more

and still KNOCKS.

HE wants you & everyone else

just as you are and not until you clean up your act because we need

JESUS to clean up our act.

Picture this.

You just got home. You were on a walk and then caught in a rain storm. You were running to get home quickly and you fall into a huge mud puddle. Now you are covered in mud. You get up and continue to run, and then your coat gets caught on a thorny branch and your coat becomes all tattered as you pull yourself free.

You are at the end of yourself. You finally make it home.

You drop on your floor. You look up and your house is a mess. And then you hear it.


Now the last thing you want to do is answer the door.

You are covered in mud and dressed in RAGS.

So you peek through the peep hole.

And there HE is~


All dressed in pure white and wearing a huge smile.

Now there is no way you are presentable for JESUS.

Do you have time to take a shower and put on your Sunday best?


HE can't see you like this because you don't even want to look at yourself.


But then you remember that HE does SEE you.

HE knows exactly the tattered muddy condition you are in

and JESUS still CHOSE to KNOCK on your door.

JESUS KNOCKS to clean up our mess.

So do you answer HIS KNOCK

as you wonder why you and

why your door?

And HE says

"Why not you?"

So you open the door

and you immediately forget what you look like

as you look into HIS eyes

and you become

cleaner than clean

and nothing else matters


HE sees the REAL you

and HE wants you anyway.

And you want HIM

because you now know how much

HE was who you always needed


HE clothes you with




that RELEASES you

from your muddy mess

that sets you




Because the moment

you answered HIS knock

you realize you can't do


for HE is yours and your are HIS

and now LIFE becomes brighter

as you now


who chose to KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on your door

and now you live to be forever


to the one who is forever

"FAITHFUL" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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