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Day 22: Words Of Prayer

She sang it like she meant it.

Because she meant it.

Because she LIVES it.

Katy Nichole,

a Christian singer who belted out


that pierced my heart,

because it is my heart.

Take these words as a PRAYER for you

and PRAY them over others

and pass them on to others

so they too can PRAY them for themselves

and they too can PRAY them of others.

"I speak the NAME OF JESUS over you. In your hurting, in your sorrow. I will ask my GOD to move. I speak the name 'cause it's all that I can do. In desperation, I'll seek Heaven. And PRAY this for you.

I PRAY for your HEALING. That CIRCUMSTANCES would CHANGE. I PRAY that the FEAR inside would FLEE IN JESUS NAME. I PRAY that a BREAKTHROUGH would happen today. I PRAY MIRACLES over your lifeN JESUS NAME, iN JESUS NAME.

I speak the name of all authority Declaring BLESSINGS, every PROMISE. HE IS FAITHFUL to keep, I speak THE NAME no grave could ever hold. HE IS GREATER. HE IS STRONGER. HE'S THE GOD OF POSSIBLE. IN JESUS NAME."*

And all you have to do.

And all I have to do.

And all that others have to do



And why can you BELIEVE IT?

And why can I BELIEVE IT?

And why can others BELIEVE IT? "Oh, THE POWER OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT is now forever yours."*

She sang it like she meant it.

Because she really means it.

"I PRAY for revival. For restoration of FAITH. I PRAY that the dead will come alive IN JESUS NAME."*

She sang it like it she meant it.

And I will PRAY it like I mean it.

Because I mean it

for you, and me, and for everyone else.



(listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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