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Day 20: Did You Know?

“MARY DID YOU KNOW" that your

BABY BOY Would __________????

Well, she did know.

She did know that her BABY BOY was not an ordinary BABY BOY,

because on the day she found out that she was to carry HIM in her womb,

it wasn’t an ordinary day.

An angel appears & his first words are~

“Mary, do not be afraid” (Luke 1:30).

Now, if the first words I would hear would be “do not be afraid”,

what would I do?

Be afraid!

I get afraid just thinking about it.

But Mary responds~

"I am the LORD'S servant.

May YOUR word to me be fulfilled" (Luke 1:38).

I will because YOU said so.

She could because she knew that GOD knew & that was enough.

GOD knew. GOD knows. Mary knew.

How about you? _________, (put your name in the blank)

did you know that you need not be afraid?

Because GOD Knows!

_________, did you know that you need not be anxious?

Because GOD Knows!

_________, did you know that~

“This BABY BOY has come to make you new?”

GOD Knows. Mary Knows


Do you know that

"This CHILD that Mary delivered, will soon deliver you?”

Listen to the song



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