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Day 2: I Am Who He Says

I am not racist.

I do not discriminate.

I do not condemn.

I am a Christian.

I follow the WORD of GOD.

And just because I follow the WORD of GOD

it doesn’t make me

a racist

or discriminatory or

even condemning anyone.

I stand on the WORD of GOD,

the One whom

I follow.

So if you ever look at me

and see me as

a racist

or as discriminatory

or condemning

please look up and look into the face of my SAVIOR, my LORD

who isn’t racist

who isn’t discriminatory~


"there is now no condemnation [no guilty verdict, no punishment]

for those who are in CHRIST JESUS [who believe in HIM as personal LORD and SAVIOR] (Romans 8:1)

I follow the WORD of GOD

because if I didn’t

I would still be roaming the world

looking for something or something

to give me which only my risen LORD has given me.

I am a daughter of the KING.

If you have a problem with whom I follow

please don't call me a racist,

or say that I am discriminatory

or that I condemn.

Just look up and tell JESUS about me

because HE knows everything about me

and HE still chose to die for me

and for you

and for everyone else

as no one is exempt is from



that fits every person

right where they are

so that

everyone can live






because it then becomes not about

who anyone else says you are

because it is about who

"YOU SAY" I am(listen to the song below)~

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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