• Joni

Be Enlightened

The sun is bleeding through the sky as if the day depended on it.

It is pushing so hard that its colors are taking over.

It is so supernatural

that seeing it

is like it is the first time.

And then the sun will take over

and the sunscreen will be put on

and the sunglasses will cover the eyes

as its beaming light will erase the darkness.

And then before you know it

the sun will start to pull its colors away

so that the moon will have the stage.

But the sun & moon are working together

as they provide the light that never goes out.

What if the sun wanted to take center stage at night

and said to the moon,

"I am the light".

What if the moon wanted to stay up all night

so that it could be the main attraction and greet the world in the morning

and respond back to the sun,

"I am the light".

I bet there would be no light.