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Weekend God

I wonder how many will wake up

excited it is Sunday

because they get to go to Church.

Some will go because it is an obligation.

Some will go because their parents told them he had to.

Some will not go because "what is the point".

Some will not go because they never went before and it isn't a thought in their head.

Then you have the ones who will go

~because they can't wait to see what GOD has for them.

~because they will be with others who are so excited to be there also

just because they get to worship through songs and a sermon that will pierce their heart

in a life changing way

because they will come with an open heart to


more of WHO they will be praising~

THE ONE who gave them breath.

THE ONE who loves to see


gather together

so HE can pour out more of


in so many different ways

to each & every heart that shows up.

Why miss the gift?

What about you?

As my husband and I are out of town,

it saddens me that I will miss going to our Church today~

from setting up early in the morning

from experiencing joy from all who are volunteering

from being so connected with others

who also

love going to Church

but not as a have to but as a want to.

So I sit this morning having my own Church



reminding me that

Church happens every day of the week

in your personal time with


as Church isn't just a name of a building.

By the time Sunday comes

Church is the icing on the cake

with all coming together

who are like minded

craving more of HIM in a group setting.

This isn't a message to throw guilt at you.

It is a message to let you know that

if you don't already have a Church or you don't even want to go to one

find one anyway

& become a part of it


amazing things happen

in a room full of people

gathered together to praise


the same GOD who will be with you on

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday & Saturday~

so by the time

Sunday Morning comes

you can't wait to wake up

because you are

so excited to go to your


that has become your home away from home

filled with a family that is always waiting to greet you the moment you walk in the doors.

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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