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Day 27: Un Fulfilled

From the Bottle to the Cup

The sippy cup is given to the toddler in the chair~

Who looks with confusion because the bottle isn’t there.

The cry initiates a call to feed~

Then the toddler yelps "who will fill my need?".

His Little Hand reaches out and picks up the cup~

Pursing his lips on the lid and he drinks it all up.

Now a glass is given to the growing child~

Who accidentally spills it, which has become his style.

The child tries again and is able to take a drink~

No more nipples or lids is what he thinks.

From a babe to a toddler and now a grown up~

Nursed from the bottle to a cup.

Where did this cup come from?

The One who drank from it first~

The Baby in the manger

Who once was nursed.

He grew into a toddler and then into a man~

Who drank from the cup, which was His Father’s plan.

A sip that cost Him His life, a sacrifice He made~

“Let this cup pass from me”, was what He prayed.

But He drank it at His last supper, for you and for me~

Because of mercy and grace, this cup set us free.

From the cradle to the cross, the babe grew up~

The choice is now yours, from the bottle to the cup.

To fill it with the Water that will quench all your thirst~

With the One who came to drink from it first.

What is in your cup?

What do you go to first, to try

~to fill your unmet needs

~to numb your unmet needs

~to replace your unmet needs?

Whatever that may be

FAST from that today!

"but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.

Indeed, the water

I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

John 4:14

Weight Loss Log 1st Pound: SELF 2nd Pound: COMPLAINING & BLAME 3rd Pound: JEALOUSY 4th Pound: I AM NOT 5th Pound:____________ 6th Pound: Unwholesome Talk 7th Pound: Worry 8th Pound: Anxiety 9th Pound: Sick & Tired 10th Pound: Feelings 11th Pound: Surviving 12th Pound: _________

13th Pound: Doing Nothing

14th Pound: Un~Mattered

15th Pound: Until

16th Pound: DIS

17th Pound: Not

18th pound: The Past

19h Pound: Temporary

20th Pound: Simplify

21st Pound: Little Wants

22nd Pound: Thinking Less

23rd Pound: Ignoring

24th Pound: Nobody

25th Pound: Unbelief

26th Pound: Foolish

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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