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Perfectly Imperfect

You shower.

You get dressed up

and you show up.

You sing the songs.

You say the words.

You smile.

You go home

and wait

until next Sunday to do the next thing.

But what if God shows up on

Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday & Saturday

in those moments when you are just

being yourself

doing what you normally do~


then there is

a knock on the door

and you open it

and there

He is~


standing there

just wanting to come in.

What would you do??

Would you slam the door shut and tell Him to wait a second

as you put on your Sunday best

and cleaned up your house

and changed the channel on your TV to the

Christian channel

and replaced your photos and things

with crosses and bibles and Christian~ese things?

I can just picture it

the moment

the door shuts



would be chuckling


He was waiting for you


He would look up to


and say

that's your kid~

we love him

we love her.

All Jesus wants

is to



with you & I


He knows the

Real you & I

through and through

or He wouldn't have gotten on the cross.

All Jesus wants

is for us to be who we are

so He can be who He is

in us

and that changes everything.

It isn't about

cleaning up your act before you invite

Him in.

It is a come as you are


He can do what only He can do

and that

is fill you & fill me

with so much more

than we could ever imagine.


Let's Get Real

with a

Real God

and a

Real Jesus


He knows everything about us


loves us anyway.

Watch below~

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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