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In Remembrance of John King

The rocks remain empty

But it doesn’t mean you aren’t there there

Your spirit

Your life

You still remain

On these rocks

On this sand

On each and every wave

As I see your smile

Greeting everyone

By name

And looking into their eyes

Connecting our hearts

Because you mean what you say and say what you mean

A light follows him wherever he goes

Especially when he is hand in hand

with his precious bride

who he has shared most of his life with

United together

By God

Walking with God

In God we trust is the vow they live

From this day forward

A vow that his precious bride

Will continue to keep

Because she knows

He is sitting on the rocks

Sitting in the sand

Riding a wave

And walking hand in hand with her

On the boardwalk


We will continue to hear his

"Hi and Good Morning.

How are you?"

And really meaning it.

The ambassador of Sugar Bush

The ambassador of Sea Girt

An ambassador

Who is now with the One

who has greeted him with

“Welcome home my good and faithful servant”.

So through the tears of

every missing moment

John is here

Living and breathing in every moment

From the waters of sea girt

To the slopes in Vermont.

Thank you my friend

By showing everyone how to live with joy in every moment.

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