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Amazing Grace

My chains are gone I've been set free (Chris Tomlin)

I don’t have to perform anymore

to be seen,

to be heard,

to be accepted,


He saw me,

He heard me,

He accepted me

the moment

He came to me


lifted me out of

the pit of shame,

from the pit of not good enough~

the moment

He saved me from myself.

I still can feel myself being

lifted out of the quicksand

that was sucking me down,

further away from who I was born to be,

into deeper into who I thought I should be~

a better version of Joni,

a more lovable version of Joni,

because I believed

that I was just not good enough.

But then God told me~ “‘I love you’ and ‘Come to Me’ as you are

so I can transform you into who you were born to be~

perfectly loved through Me.

Let’s go and walk through life

and I will show you how to live as

one beloved by Me,

because I

‘rejoice over you with singing and dancing’ (Zephaniah 3:17).

For I have created you,

you are My workmanship.

Now will you receive all who you were born to be~All Mine?” “ So I reached up and took the hand of the


whose hand was reaching down to me in the pit.

I didn't have to clean up my act,


He found me

just as I was,


He could wipe off the dirt,

wipe off the hurt,


wipe off the lies and the pain~

with His blood that set me free

the day I looked up because

He was looking at me the whole time,

while I was lost and searching.

I was found by the


who seeks the lost.

I am His Chosen.

Amazing Grace

how sweet the sound

that saved a wretch like me.

My chains are gone~

the imposters that I ran to,

to fill a deep void inside,

day in and day out~

every time I listened to the lie

that I was not good enough.


I was always enough in

His eyes.

So now I am more than enough,

because He is more enough


He sees me.

He hears me.

He accepts me,

All because I made

the Great Exchange

and traded in

My Rags for His Riches (

by Putting off Fear and Putting on Faith

Putting Off Doubt and Putting on Trust

Putting Off Rejection and Putting on Acceptance

Putting Off Bitterness and Putting on Forgiveness

Putting Off Lies and Putting on Truth

Putting Off the Old Self and Putting on the New Self

Putting Off Complaining and Putting on Contentment

Putting Off Lost and Putting on Found

A Daily Walk

A Moment by Moment walk

that can be

hard at times,

but is possible because

He walks with you & I

to remind us


It is only through Him

that we are set free.

Let's make today

a Day of Independence

by becoming

Dependant on the Only One

who holds the power

to set us free from whatever binds us.

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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