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New Year's Revelation #2: Radical

Revelation #2:

To be

Radically Different

You have a choice.

"To live the way that you believe This is your opportunity To let your life be one that lights the way" (Francesca Battistelli)

"It's Your Life - What you gonna do?"

You are the product of a

Perfect Choice~

God's choice to

"knit you together in your mother's womb."~Psalm 136

God's choice to

love you with His perfect love

God's choice to

be in relationship with you.

God's choice to

choose to send His Son

to die so you can live

All choices.

Every second we are faced with a choice to choose...

Paper or plastic.

Chocolate or vanilla.

Mountains or beach.

Coffee or Tea.

A choice to be bitter ... a choice to be better

A choice to blame .... a choice to forgive.

A choice to be frustrated. .. a choice to be content

A choice to be discouraged ... a choice to be hopeful.

A choice to doubt ... a choice to trust.

A choice to do something ... a choice to do nothing

A choice to do nothing is still a choice

A choice to stay “stuck” is still a choice

A choice to be indecisive is a choice.

Choosing to choose.

A choice to choose to:

Receive the Love of the Lord.

Receive His Peace.

Receive His Freedom.

Receive His Joy.

Living each

New Moment

choosing the

choice to believe the truth


a choice to flee from the lies which feed the wrong choice.

Choose today to

Put On

New Year's Revelation #2

and live

a product of a

His Perfect Choice...

and become

Radically Different

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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