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Goodbye 2017

Happy New Year~

Now what does that really mean?

I feel it puts so much pressure on yourself,

as it sets you up for failure.

Boy, I bet that isn't what you want to hear as you get ready to begin


But think about it~

Happy New Year~

Are you “happy” that the New Year is about to begin?

Are you happy you get to put behind 365 days and begin it all over again?

Are you happy to get another 365 days to~

still lose the weight,

start the exercise program,

write a list of new goals,

and break the same habit~


And then

what happens on February 1?

Do you still say

Happy New Year


Do you feel like a failure

because you weren't able to keep your New Year's Resolutions?

Hey, I am a pro at breaking resolutions,

that is why I don't make them.

I am unable to do anything on my own.

I can make lists about what I need to do

in order to live a perfect life, and to be a perfect person,

but they are impossible to keep.

We all want a

Happy New Year,

as no one plans an unhappy one.

No one writes a list of resolutions to fail.

Let's rewrite our

Happy New Year~


Happy New Moment


looking at each day as having

86,400 new beginnings,

as there are 86,400 seconds in a day,

Providing a

New Beginning

To Right a Wrong,

To Start Anew,

To Forgive,

To Turn the Page,

To Love,

To Laugh,

To Cry,

To __________________________ (you full in the blank)

This all sounds great,

yet it is hard to do unless

God is involved in every second.

Knowing that


is walking with us every second

is where the power lies in having

A New Beginning

A Happy New Moment

every second.


has to be the fuel behind my every step,


when I forget that and wander off the path,


is right there to pick me up,

and put me back on the right path to begin my "new".

So are you ready to walk into


with every second becoming an opportunity to be a

"Happy New Moment~

Living like there's no tomorrow?

Well it is a


because that was

"The Way You Were Made"

Listen & Watch...


Happy New Second!

Happy 31,536,000 New Seconds



to you and yours.

Come walk with me into the New Year,

beginning tomorrow, January 1st,

as we walk through our seconds


The Man


Once upon a time was born in a manger

so that



walk with you


this year

a year

that you






“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

Psalm 90:20

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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