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Every day

he wheels up onto

the boardwalk

to the same spot


he sits

facing the ocean.

Every day

he has a smile on his face

that is birthed from his heart.

As I approach him

I begin to let go of

my poor attitude

of my complaining

of negativity


his joy

is contagious.

"Hi Billy"

comes rolling off my tongue

and then he asks questions about

my family and I,


then there comes

his smile

from deep in his heart.

Then I ask him about

his precious wife

his children


his grandchildren

and then his smile gets bigger

as the love in his heart spills out.

His heart smiles

as he speaks of his wife

his children and grandchildren...

Just like he does every day

like it is

the first day of the best day

every day,

even though

his means of transportation

is a

wheel chair~

Whether it is cold or hot


makes his way to the boardwalk


I think

to bring joy to anyone who he comes into contact.

But now

his joy is complete

because he no longer needs his wheelchair

because he is dancing with the Lord.


every day

I will no longer be greeted

by the smile

by the face

by the conversations.

It hurts my heart



is no longer here.

We celebrated Billy yesterday

as it was his birthday,

just like we do every year,


2 other special someones, who also share the same birthday

and who also have been blessed by


His family gathered up on the boardwalk

where he always sat


we smiled


we had joy

in our hearts

because that is where

Billy is

and that is where


will always remain~

Reminding me


Reminding his family and friends

to always look up

to always just smile

because there is always something to smile about~

whether it is the beauty of the ocean crashing upon the sand

or a mom pushing her baby in a stroller walking by

or the sunshine that beams through the clouds


the heart of a man

that touched so many lives


He just smiled.

Thank you


Do you have a BILLY in your life?

Are you a BILLY in another's life?

It begins with a smile

from the heart


there is always something to smile about

Just look up.

Thank you


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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