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Day 28: Where's Waldo?

You have 1 minute to find...


Looks easy, but I am not done

Find the Waldo with the missing shoe!

Yup, he's there.

How do you feel about finding him now?

You may take your whole Monday to look for him


you know he is there


you will be like the Giant

with your eyes half opened

with a hopeless attitude~

but then

would you really be seeking?

Aren’t we like that with God.

We have a God

Who loves us

just as we are,


bestows blessings upon us…


instead we crawl through life,

with one eye opened asking,


But it isn’t about

Where are you God~


God is not lost!

It is about

Where are you?

Because we get distracted~

as there are endless obstacles

that we must get around in order to see

His Face.

Do you respond like this cowardly giant,


giving up,

and sort of seeking

with one eye covered..


you can’t find GOD

in a sea of distractions?

What are the imposter Waldos that distract you from seeing the real thing?

What is getting in the way of your seeking God?


"If you seek Him, He will be found by you." I Chronicles 28:9


"you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul." Deuteronomy 4:29

With your


Knowing He is there

Believing He is there...

just like you are probably still seeking to find shoeless Waldo

With your ALL

because you know he is there.


Let's lose another pound today

and fast from


from the imposter Waldos

that get in the way of your

finding the

One true One...


Seeking the


Who never gets distracted


Looking at you.

Wait Loss Log

1st Pound: Self

2nd Pound: Complaining and Blame

3rd Pound: Chaos

4th Pound: Shame

5th Pound: Forsaken

6th Pound: What do you have to lose

7th Pound: Jealousy

8th Pound: Fear

9th Pound: I Am Not

10th Pound: Timidity

11th Pound: I Don’t Know

12th Pound: Hopelessness

13th Pound: What is weighing you down

14th Pound: Frustration

15th Pound: DIS-belief

16th Pound: Running Away

17th Pound: Anxiety

18th Pound: Stumbling & Falling

19th Pound: Dark Clouds

20th Pound: IT

21st Pound: Multi~Tasking

22nd Pound: Unwholesome Talk

23rd Pound: Trees

24th Pound: Nobody

25th Pound: Angry Elf

26th Pound: The Fool

27th Pound: The Past

28th Pound: Distractions

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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