• Joni

Day 14: The Little Big Stuff

What is the stuff that drives you crazy?

Do you ever feel crazy because you allow "stuff" to drive you crazy?

I do~

especially when frustration gets the best of me

over the most trivial things.


If the little stuff frustrates you, you are frustrated

If the big stuff frustrates you, you are frustrated.

It doesn't matter to God how little or how big the cause of your frustration is

Because God cares about all your

Little Stuff...

If He

Knows ever hair on our head

Knows when you sit and rise

Knows every word before you speak it

Don't you think He cares if you lost your keys?

And He cares about your

Big Stuff

Because "in all things God works for the good of those who love Him"

Romans 8:28

He is working behind the scenes...