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Too Available

I got locked out of my house

but not because I forgot my key.

It was because everyone thought I was already home

and they locked me out!


I must really leave a great impression.

Since I am always around, they presumed that I was home

even though my car wasn't in the driveway.

It was so bizarre, that I had to laugh,

but then my mind went down the path of woe is me...

Maybe I am invisible,

Or maybe I am too available.

When someone is too available they are taken advantage of.

Think about it.

When you know that someone is always available,

do you make an effort to spend time with them?

Silly question, but think about it…

What if someone told you that…

you can talk to him/her any time of day

you can release all your burdens on him/her

you can be yourself no matter what yourself is feeling or being that day

you don’t have to make yourself presentable to be in his/her presence.

you don’t have to set an appointment because he/she is always available....



Well, I didn't stay too long in my prideful sissy fit because

I was quickly reminded of someone who is too available to me and who I take advantage of...


He is too available because He is always available..

And I take advantage of Him.

He makes it too easy for me

so I complicate it

by not going to Him.


He waits

He asks

With open arms

And says..

Come all who are weary

Come and listen to what I have for you.

Come and let Me satisfy you

Come and let Me love you perfectly

Come and...

Too willing

Too good to be true

Too available

To give my burdens to Him because I can give them to Him another day

Too available

To sit in His presence because He will be always waiting

Too available

To come to Him always because I can always go to Him tomorrow.

But what if tomorrow never came? Is God too available to you?

Thank you God that You are too available

because I need Someone Who is available always.

Come to the Available One

and receive all that

is available to you!

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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