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It Just Is...Monday!

I have been feeling "blah", for no specific reason, and I don’t like it

because I am such a feeling person.

But just because I feel it doesn’t mean I am.


If I go about my day focusing on that I am "blah"...

I will be blah.

There is nothing wrong with feeling blah.

It just is.

Sometimes it

"Just Is".

Just Is…Monday

Just Is…February

Just is…your circumstances

Just is…your emotions

What is your Just is?

How do you deal with the just is in your life?

I don’t like the times of just is,

so I try to manufacture more than what Just is.

But how do you create more summer in the midst of winter?

How do you try to change the just is circumstances that appear to be impossible to change?

How do you try to change the “blahs” of the ordinary day?

I even try to manufacture more of God by wanting to see the burning bush,

wanting God to perform something amazing right before my eyes…

Even though He already has!

When I am in the midst of

Just is

and focus on my

"just is”

I will be defeated...

But when I reach up and grab the hand of Jesus and walk with Him

My just is becomes enough!

When my "Just is" is blah…He is my Joy

When my "Just is" weary…He is my Strength

When my just is overwhelmed....He is my Peace

How about you...

When your Just is is _________ ,

He will be your ____________.

Think about…

If you are always seeking more, than "just is" is never enough.

But if you are seeking Jesus,

Just is is enough always…

Because He is always enough!

It just is Monday…

But make it so much more...

Because He Just IS!

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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