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Walking with the Man

God humbled me in my trials,

to keep me in check~

So pride wouldn't consume me,

yet I felt like such a wreck.

So weary and so tired,

my burden weighing me down~

"My God, my God..please help me",

yet He was no where to be found.

Since I couldn't feel His Presence,

as I was leaning on His Son~

Impatience got the best of me,

away from Him I chose to run.

"Why won't You rescue me?"...

where the words that I cried out to Him~

So desperate and so weary,

I chose the road to sin.

"If You are Who You say You are,

why won't You come when I call?"~

He responded in a small whisper,

"Because you haven't given Me your all."

"You tell Me that you love Me,

that you will follow Me to the end~

But when circumstances appear out of control,

do I still remain your best friend?"

"You love Me when I say yes,

and when things run according to your plan~

Where were you Joni, when I said "no".

you're the one that ran."

"Do you believe that I love you,

that I am working for good every minute of your day?

That My plan for your life is perfect,

BUT will you allow Me to do it My way?"

"I promise that I'm always with you,

I promise that I'm working on your behalf~

Will you trust Me with your all,

as I lead you down life's path."

"So hold onto my Son's hand,

trusting Me everywhere we may go~

Even when the road gets bumpy...

especially when you're confused and just don't know."

"Haven't I always been faithful,

as you look back upon your life~

Turning all bad into good...

Exchanging peace for all your strife."

"So now it's up to you,

to trust Me in all things~

So I can turn your tears into smiles,

because over you I love to sing.

Well my eyes were opened up wide,

as My Lord didn't give up on me~

When my faith was being shaken,

because His Plan I couldn't see.

He's always working behind the scenes,

creating the best for me and for you~

He just asks that we trust Him, and wait patiently,

while watching expectantly for what He's going to do.

It is easier said then done,

when the darkness clouds out the light~

As I learned this lesson once again,

but don't give up the fight.

Especially when your day gets foggy,

and you just can't seen to cope~

He is the only answer to all things,

He is your only hope.

So today I will travel through my day,

holding my Best Friend's hand~

My God, My Lord, My Savior,

is the only way that I can stand.

So are you walking with the Man who wants to walk with you?

*The picture above is used by permission from the talented artist Phyllis Harris.

When I was searching for a visual to show me what it means to be walking with Jesus...

Peace immediately flooded my heart when I saw this artwork.

This is Jesus.

Walking with the Man..

This my inspiration for a

40 Day "Wait-Loss" devotion beginning on March 7 as we prepare for Easter.

I will still be writing daily, but get ready to lose some serious "pounds" as you take the hand of the One who wants to walk with you.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Romans 15:13

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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