• Joni

Forever Spring

What if spring never came?

What if the snow never melted?

Is God still God? Is He still the Master Controller? Does He still love you unconditionally as His chosen adopted son and daughter? Does He still listen to your cries and wipes your tears? Does He still rejoice over you with singing? Does He still want freedom in every area of your life? Does He still carry your burdens? Does He still fill you with strength when you are weak? Does He still give you the peace that transcends all understanding? Does He still turn into good the not so good in your life? Yes, Yes, Yes...

and Yes!

What are you waiting for to spring up in your life?

What is your heart set on to happen before you can truly enjoy your life?

Whether in the frigid snow, or the grayest of grays...

No matter what season of life you are in...

God is still God.

Forever faithful..

That is our Lord.

Always ready and willing to take your hand, to pull you out of the winter in your life.

Always ready to shine His light on your gray days.