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Day Twenty Four: Wrapped in the Promise

A Baby does change everything!

God took me on a journey...

beginning the moment I looked into the eyes of my first born...

then my second...

and then my third...

to lead me to the cross.

In the midst of my self self-destruction...

I finally looked up into Jesus’ eyes and

cried out for Him to save me,

so I could mother my sweet babes.

My cry was because of my babies,

as it was love at first sight,

but not a love for me...

as I felt not enough...

but for them.

Gifts, God placed in my precious husband's and my arms...

not because of what we have or haven’t done...

just because He did.

God sent His love through a baby,

causing me to look away from me

so I would look at Him.

Because He so loves us..

in our broken state..

in our hopelessness

in our I don’t can’t anymore moments.

The Baby changed everything...

Because God sent

The Baby

To you...To me..

to love us back together.

Charlie Brown may have been called a blockhead,

but that blockhead asked the most important question...

“Doesn’t anyone know what Christmas is all about?”

And he got his answer...

And is wasn’t answered through a Christmas tree adorned in glitter and gold,

but in a tree that no one would buy.

Because of the simple tree pictured above…

Listen to the simple truth from the mouth of a child.

"I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love."


Isn’t it love that we all need?

To be loved.

To feel loved.

To love.

To be wrapped up in love.

Linus takes his security blanket,

his trusted blanket that doesn't leave his side...

and swaddles it around the bottom of the naked tree..

And then the tree

immediately stands.....

Because is was swaddled in


All because of the cloth that ....

first swaddled The Baby to become our


Then swaddled The Man as He walked this earth,

to become our


Then swaddled The King in death...

so HE could take it off,

to leave it behind

so He could swaddle us in it...


become our trusted security blanket.

Why would God have His Child be born to die?

Listen to

"How Many Kings"

All because of


HE loved you first...

the day He knitted you together in your mother’s womb was the day He started loving you...


He hasn’t stopped...

No matter what you may feel about yourself at this moment

Or what you have done in the past,

Because the One who matters

Says that your matter

and that is all that matters!


You were


All because of

The Baby...

Who was...

Sent in Love

Lived in Love

Died in Love



to share the Love....

so His Father could swaddle you in


The Baby...

The One and Only true gift of Christmas...


Twas the night before Christmas …

Pick up The Baby

And make it your birthday.

Tomorrow when you wake up there may not be a devotion coming your way,

(but you never know)

but there will be a Baby who was born for you.

Embrace the Christ Child like you have never done before...

and become

Wrapped in His Promise


December 25!

*Stay tuned on December 26..

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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