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Day Six: The "Lightest" Ball

What does the Christmas Ball at the Top possess that

the Little Christmas Ball below (in the right hand corner) doesn't have?

The Light...

The Little Christmas Ball is so close to the top, yet it just cant seem to shine. It is trying and striving.

It did everything right.

It came out of its box.

It was hung on the tree..

Year after year.

This year it even got a top position, but it still doesn't shine.

"Maybe if someone will move me closer to the top. Maybe if I try harder I will shine",

thinks the Little Christmas Ball, as it continues to wait in it's striving.

And then it looks up and speaks to the Shining Ball.

"How can I shine like You?

The Shining Ball responds,

"Just ask!"

"Just ask "what?", questions the dark Little Ball.

"Ask me for My Light and you shall receive it", gracefully responds the Shining Ball.

"But I am not good enough to shine, because if I was supposed to be shining, I would be shining",

sobs the Little Ball.

"Why do you believe that?"

"Because I was told that I was just a Christmas ball, that would be taken out of the box once every year to be placed on the tree. And... if I did everything right, then I would hopefully make it to the top.

Well this year I am at the highest place I have ever been.

I look down at the other balls below me and smile because I thought I made it, but I am still not shining."

"But do you realize that it doesn't matter how high you make it on the tree, as you are still like all the other balls."


"It isn't about how high you can go, it is about who you are believing in that makes you shine. "

"So.. is that you"?


"You see, I started at the bottom of this tree, in a smelly manger.

I was rejected many times.

I was hung on another tree, when all went dark.

But then, whenI got off of that tree, I rose to a greater level that made me Shine above all things.

Now I rest here above, casting a bright Light...

A Light that cost Me so much, but you were worth it...

so that you too can shine.

Do you want this Christmas to be different, no matter where you hang on the tree?"

"Oh yes i do"!

"Well keep your eyes on Me and receive and believe"

So now the Little Christmas Ball glistens...

whether it is in the box

or on the lowest branch...

because it was illuminated in one moment...because he looked up.

What do you look to "light" up your life?

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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